Executive Risk was founded to ensure that in the event of death, critical illness or disability you have the ability to focus on your family first and not your finances. Ultimately this gives you, your family and your business control, certainty and comfort to the risks and outcomes. You will be secure in the knowledge that properly considered plans are in place.

Although we hope that you will never need to make a claim on your life insurance, unfortunately you may have to. If a health event means you wish to make a claim, Super-Advice provides a no-cost, claim management service for the exclusive use of our clients. The primary objective of this service is to provide a level of comfort to our clients and to relieve the distress of dealing first hand with insurers.

We work with you to complete the necessary paperwork, collate the supporting documentary evidence and present your case in the best light to the insurer. This ensures a smooth claim and the best chance of an outcome in your favour.

As managing claims for our clients is our business, we are highly experienced in the processes involved and have a dedicated claims officer ready to assist. At Super-Advice, we can proudly declare that we have never had a legitimate claim declined for any of our clients. This is due to our expert advice to implement only highest quality policies, with leading providers.

The Statistics

Females have a 25% chance of suffering a critical illness between ages 30 and 644.

Males have a 40% chance of suffering a critical illness between ages 30 and 645.

40% of people will be unable to work for six months or more because of sickness or an accident6.

14% of adult males (aged 15–65) have a disability that has kept them off work for six months or more7.

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