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Cabernet Foods Ltd with Super-Advice

Cabernet Foods appointed Super-Advice to help you with Kiwisaver, life, Private and Personal insurances.

Super-Advice only work with companies that care about their staff, to find out more about who Super-Advice are go to super-advice.co.nz

Cabernet Foods have implemented a Company KiwiSaver plan, however Super-Advice can assist you with questions on all KiwiSaver schemes.

Its your money, your future, your choice

KiwiSaver made simple!

Use these handy tools to help you understand KiwiSaver and calculate important factors of your KiwiSaver account.

  • How does KiwiSaver work?

    For many people KiwiSaver will be their first investment. So as an employee enrolled in KiwiSaver here is an overview of how it works. Read more

  • What type of investor am I

    This easy quiz will help you work out your investor profile and indicate what types of fund(s) are best suited to you. Read more

  • Calculate your PIR tax rate

    This is the tax rate applied to your KiwiSaver investment earnings. Its important you register your correct rate so that you don’t owe tax, or over pay as there are no refunds available. Read more

  • Calculate your retirement savings

    See how much KiwiSaver can help you reach your retirement savings goal (savings required to fund the lifestyle you’d like in retirement). Read more

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