“We provide employee benefits and a key reference point to your employees, to assist employers attract and retain staff.”

Attracting and retaining quality staff is important to the success of your business. We can design, implement and manage the right employee benefits program to suit your business and combined with an effective communication strategy, promote you as an Employer of Choice!

Being an Employer of Choice means that your most talented staff stay with you throughout their career, applicants are eager to work for you and that other people envy your staff! Most Employers of Choice, offer staff a comprehensive employee benefits package, including KiwiSaver contributions, salary continuance, medical insurance and life insurance. Using our specialist understanding of KiwiSaver and group insurance plans, we can consult with you on the myriad of opportunities that exist in this space. There are even options that cost your business nothing! We are able to use the scale of your business to provide insurance products to your employees, which would normally cost significantly more if purchased individually.

Employer Preferred KiwiSaver Schemes

As an employer, you can nominate a KiwiSaver scheme for your employees if they don’t choose one on their own. New employees who are automatically enrolled through Inland Revenue, or existing staff that choose to opt-in to KiwiSaver, will become members of your company’s preferred KiwiSaver scheme rather than being randomly assigned to default schemes.

We provide you KiwiSaver material with your branding, simple and consistent administration, ongoing education of staff and access to free financial advice. This is a major advantage of having a partnership with a financial advisory group such as Super-Advice, as it is illegal for employers to provide financial advice to their employees for all their financial matters.

KiwiSaver is still in its infancy and is currently voluntary, however embracing the KiwiSaver initiative with employees makes for a great story when promoting yourself as an Employer of Choice.

Why choose an Employer Preferred KiwiSaver

In addition to being seen as an employer that cares about its staff’s financial future, there are other advantages that come from choosing a company preferred KiwiSaver scheme:

  • Default investment funds are often conservative; they may be inappropriate many members saving for the long term. Having a company preferred KiwiSaver scheme that we implement for you will help to ensure more of your staff are in KiwiSaver investment funds that suit their circumstances.
  • The induction process for new employees is simplified (if they choose to enrol in your company preferred KiwiSaver scheme).
  • Your staff can benefit from the education and support that we provide as part of our service.
  • You and your employees will deal predominantly with only one scheme provider, the administration is made easier and there is less distraction amongst employees arising from differing investment results and membership experiences.


Employer Group Insurance Plans

Group insurance can come in a number of different forms, however, the majority of groups that utilise these insurance plans are employers and associations. The theory is, the more members in a group the more concessions the insurer will offer! Concessions will be in the form of premium discounts and little to no underwriting and pre-existing conditions may also be covered immediately.

For as little as 1% of your payroll, businesses can offer a benefit worth twice that to employees.

Why implement an Employer Group Insurance Plan?

Research shows that employee benefits relating to personal financial security (medical, life and income protection insurance) are valued significantly by employees and especially their families as they can also benefit from these plans. All these benefits add up to making you an Employer of Choice.

Other benefits and rewards that may apply to group schemes include:
  • You may be eligible for cover for qualifying pre-existing Medical conditions, general exclusions still apply – this can be highly beneficial to companies with an older age bracket of key staff
  • Access to cover with reduced premiums
  • Faster access to treatment by avoiding public hospital wait lists
  • Less financial stress by reducing costs of private treatment and time off work
  • Discounted travel insurance
  • Where family members are added, you only pay for the first 2 children under 21, the rest are free

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