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Offering workplace benefits as part of an employment package is a differentiator that can increase employee productivity and loyalty.

We subscribe to MetLife’s research studies which aim to determine the current macro issues for Australian employers and employees and develop useful insights to support future strategies. Their findings may ¬†provide a good indication of the potential growth benefits in the New Zealand market.

The MetLife study found there was an uplift in both job satisfaction and loyalty when employees are satisfied with their benefits. And internationally they found that benefits are a key reason many people choose to work for a particular employer and continue to do so.

Click here to read the Metlife Employee Benefits Trends Survey.

Our focus is to make companies an “employer of choice” by creating cost effective benefits for you and your employees. Contact us to discuss benefit strategies and learn how we can help your organisation. Please call 0800 89 46888 or email [email protected]

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