Getting Financially Fit

Welcome to the 6 Steps to Financial Freedom – your easy 6 step guide to improving your financial wellbeing.

This video will introduce you to a few concepts that can shape your financial future. The video is only a few minutes long so easy to fit into your busy schedule. If you want to find out more (or just have a chat), we encourage you to get in touch!

Getting Financially Fit – giving you the tools to guarantee your financial future in less time than it takes to have a cup of coffee.


  1. Know your dough!
  2. $1000 mini emergency fund
  3. Destroy your debts
  4. Build your Full Emergency Fund (3 – 6 months’ worth of expenses)
  5. Property
    1. Getting onto the property ladder
    2. Smash the mortgage
  6. Financial Freedom Achieved!!