Australian Super Transfers

Under the Trans-Tasman Portability (TTP) agreement between Australia and New Zealand, members of certain Australian superannuation schemes who have permanently immigrated to New Zealand are able to transfer their savings to a compatible KiwiSaver Scheme. We help to take the hassle out of a process, which requires complicated forms, liaising with Australian superannuation fund managers and dealing with contact centres during Australian office hours to get the job done.

We have been facilitating TTP transfers since legislation’s inception, making us one of the most experienced firms at TTP transfers in the country. We have helped numerous clients, regain control of thousands of their dollars and successfully transfer them to KiwiSaver

We specialise in helping clients to transfer their Australian superannuation to KiwiSaver.

Benefits of Transferring

  • Save on fees

    You may be paying unnecessary administration fees and insurance premiums from your Australian Fund(s) – all of which can eat away at your savings.

  • Keep better track of your retirement savings

    Bringing your retirement funds together into one account gives you a consolidated picture of your savings – and it’s easier to manage.

  • Know how much you have in local currency

    With all your retirement savings in one place, you’ll know exactly how much they’re worth in your home country.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Trans-Tasman Portability Process

  • Find your Australian Super

    Find out who has your money in Australia and consolidate your accounts.

  • Perform a Lost Super Search

    Make sure you don't miss out on any amounts that are with the ATO. Click here to do it now

  • Open a KiwiSaver Account

    If you don't have an account contact us now to open one. Not all KiwiSaver Schemes are accepting transfers of Super from Australia. Contact Us

  • Fill out a transfer request form from your Australian superannuation fund manager

    Contact your superannuation fund manager for this form. Statutory declaration stating you are now a permanent resident of New Zealand (included with form) Contact Us

  • Proof of Residence and ID

    The requirements will be stated on the transfer form.

Start a Trans-Tasman Portability Transfer

Interested in letting us assess your individual situation? Simply fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you. Make sure you have read and considered the information provided on the previous page. There is more detailed information available on the FMA website if you require it.

If required, we can also arrange for personalised financial advice from one of our authorised financial advisers (AFA). They will look at your total financial situation including financial goals, investments, debts, KiwiSaver and insurance.

  • We cannot help you if you don't know where your money is. Try calling your ex-employers, or old work colleagues to ask which superannuation fund they had money put into.
  • We want to be able to help you with your transfer, but without your TFN we can't. See helpful instructions on how to obtain your TFN here.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.