Under the Trans-Tasman Portability (TTP) agreement between Australia and New Zealand, members of certain Australian superannuation schemes who have permanently immigrated to New Zealand are able to transfer their savings to a compatible KiwiSaver Scheme. We help to take the hassle out of a process, which requires complicated forms, liaising with Australian superannuation fund managers and dealing with contact centres during Australian office hours to get the job done.

We have been facilitating TTP transfers since legislation’s inception, making us one of the most experienced firms at TTP transfers in the country. We have helped numerous clients, regain control of thousands of their dollars and successfully transfer them to KiwiSaver

"We specialise in helping clients to transfer their Australian superannuation to KiwiSaver."

Benefits of Transferring

Who has my Super?

If you can’t remember who your super was paid to, contact your former employer or colleagues to find out the name of your fund manager. If you have had multiple jobs, you may also have multiple super accounts.

You should also check with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to see if they are holding any of your super funds. If you changed addresses and your fund manager could not locate you, or changed jobs and had a small account balance, the funds left behind can be transferred to the ATO.

The Money Smart website provided by the Australian government helps you find your lost Super and consolidate it. We strongly suggest that all clients go through this process, before lodging a transfer. 

Click here to go to the Money Smart website.

What is my Tax File Number?

Please call the Australian Tax Office on +0061 2 6216 1111 between 10am and 7pm New Zealand time. In some instances, you may be required to complete a form and send it to them with certified identification.

Rules for transfers

You must have permanently immigrated to New Zealand and be able to provide evidence of this. A statutory declaration will need to be completed and authorised by an approved officer under the Statutory Declarations Act.

You must be a member of a KiwiSaver scheme that has agreed to accept trans-tasman payments from Australian Superannuation schemes. If you don’t have a KiwiSaver account, check out the basics on our KiwiSaver page or give us a free call to get started on 0800 89 4688.

Australian funds transferred to your KiwiSaver account will be subject to KiwiSaver rules and regulations; however some Australian Superannuation rules will still apply:

  1. You can't access any transferred Australian Super funds (excluding investment earnings on that amount) until you reach age 60 and satisfy the Australian definition of retirement at that age.
  2. Transferred funds aren't available for a first home withdrawal, but you can use any investment earnings on the transferred amount for this purpose.
  3. Funds can’t be transferred or withdrawn if you move to another county
  4. Any Australian super savings transferred to your KiwiSaver scheme will not count towards the calculation of member tax credits.

Tax implications for transfers

Australian transferred funds will not be subject to entry and exit taxes. Different tax rates and rules apply in each county and your retirement savings will be subject to the taxation rules in New Zealand once transferred. Before you decide whether or not to transfer we recommend you seek independent tax advice.

Insurance considerations

You may have income protection or death and total permanent disability insurance attached to your Superannuation account in Australia. Your cover will cease if you transfer, so you should conduct a review of your insurances to ensure you remain protected post-transfer. This service is provided to all of our TTP clients as part of our best practice processes.


Have a look at what our clients have to say about our service.
  • Super-Advice is a great asset to work with in providing protection with insurances and lifting the financial literacy, capability and wellness of our membership. The key to success in these areas is the ability of Super-Advice to frame the conversation in a way that our members understand.
    Joe Gallagher
    E Tū Union Negotiation Specialist
  • Firstly I would to thank my employer TranzLiquid Logistics for putting in place the opportunity to be part of the Super Advice scheme - just another one of the amazing ways they look after their staff.
    My dealings with Super Advice I cannot fault.  The team and the service they provide is outstanding and exceeded my expectations.
    Warren (Wozza) Clark
    Tranzliquid Logistics Ltd
  • R J Doughty Ltd is pleased to endorse Super-Advice NZ as a key component of R J Doughty’s attraction and retention program.  This has proved very valuable in showing our staff that we care about the well-being of our team outside of the workplace.  Super-Advice go the extra mile and help us to deliver on being an employer of choice.
    Steve Doughty
    Managing Director | R J Doughty Ltd
  • The packages arranged by Super-Advice have cemented with our valued operators that we are a forward-thinking employer that has a genuine interest in looking out for our team.
    Gareth Pert
    General Manager | Tranzliquid Logistics Ltd.
  • Jeremy and the Super-Advice team worked with our members to provide ideas and strategies pertaining to the attraction and retention of employees, and we have received nothing but positive feedback.  We have no hesitation in recommending our Premium Partners Super-Advice.
    David Aitken
    CEO | National Road Carriers Association
  • Jenni look I can honestly say that dealing with you has been a fantastic experience, you made it so easy for me to transfer my Australian super fund back to NZ. Your fees were more than fair. Truly a great experience.
    Phil Cleary
    Super Transfer (TTP) Client
  • Super-Advice is precisely what they deliver. Jenni was awesome, great communication with efficient systems in place.
    Joe R.
    Super Transfer (TTP) Client
  • Without Super-Advices Services we doubt whether the funds would have been transferred and would not hesitate to recommended them to any person wanting to transfer funds back to New Zealand.

    Anthony and Eileen Guthrie
    Super Transfer (TTP) Client
  • Allan Rickerby and his team made the process of moving this super to NZ really straight forward. I can only speak highly of his and Jenni Cleland's efforts and thoroughly recommend them for anyone seeking advice for Superannuation in NZ. Thanks guys!

    Trevor Topfer
    Super Transfer (TTP) Client

The Trans-Tasman Portability Process

  • Step 1Find your Australian Super
    Find out who has your money in Australia and consolidate your accounts.
  • Step 2Perform a Lost Super Search
    Make sure you don't miss out on any amounts that are with the ATO. Click here to do it now.
  • Step 3Open a KiwiSaver Account

    If you don't have an account contact us now to open one. Not all KiwiSaver Schemes are accepting transfers of Super from Australia.

  • Step 4Fill out a transfer request form from your Australian superannuation fund manager
    Contact your superannuation fund manager for this form. Statutory declaration stating you are now a permanent resident of New Zealand (included with form)
  • Step 5Proof Residence and ID
    The requirements will be stated on the transfer form.