Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Employee Financial Stress

  • New research shows that more than half of New Zealanders are struggling financially.
  • The annual survey by the Retirement Commission found the number of people in financial difficulty increased by 17 percent since their first survey in 2021.
  • Of those surveyed, 51 percent reported they were 'starting to sink' or 'treading water', while a further 3.5 percent reported they were 'sinking badly’.

Source 15 August 2023:

RNZ | More than half of New Zealanders struggling financially - survey

Our Strategy

  • We teach how the financial system works and how to get ahead in it.
  • When you successfully track your money, remove debt, and establish a full emergency fund, there are no obstacles preventing us from living the life we were destined for.

Our 6 Step Process

  • All team members are invited to engage in our 6 Step Financial Wellness process.
  • The first step is to complete our Financial Wellness and Discovery Questionnaire.
  • Then the fun begins!

Accountability Process

  • Every employee has the option to select their level of accountability based on how deeply they wish to engage with the program.
  • We will set the tasks and reminders accordingly.
  • Regular Financial Wellness content fortnightly.

Company Branded Portal

  • Online platform.
  • What’s inside:
    • 6 steps to Financial Freedom.
    • Learn at your own pace.
    • Financial Tips and Tricks Content delivery.
    • Easy to use educational platform.
    • Tips and Trick to Financial Freedom E-Book.
    • Tools and Guides.
    • Meeting booking facility.
  • We focus on non-product-based content that helps users make informed choices.

Employee Engagement

  • Employees will receive merch as part of our engagement process.
    • Tees
    • Hoodies
  • This concept is designed to trigger recognition of the Financial Wellness in the Workplace and promote engagement.
  • Fortnightly Financial Tips and Tricks Newsletter with YouTube Clip.

The Employer Dashboard

  • Employee engagement Fields.
  • Total Company Financial Wellness Score.
  • We ask employees to retake our Financial Wellness Questionnaire each time the progress a step as well as each year.
  • Our purpose is to move the needle in the right direction.

Employers ROI

  • Absenteeism and lateness.
    • One study found employee financial stress caused a 34% increase in being late or absent from work.
    • Employees with money worries miss 5 workdays per year, almost double that of employees with Financial Wellness.
    • Employees with financial stress are 2 x more likely (42%) to be looking for a new job than those without.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (USA) said employers typically see a return of $3.00 for every $1.00 spent on a Financial Wellness Program.
  • We have 2 main goals with our Financial Wellness Program.
    • To help employees an improved state of financial wellbeing and ultimately happiness.
    • To achieve employer goals such as improving productivity, raising morale and reducing turnover rate.

Employer testimonials

Thanks for coming in Jeremy, we are loving the Super-Advice team and their SUPER ADVICE that's helping the SWP crew gain financial freedom.

General Manager
SWP Commercial

Super-Advice is a great asset to work with in providing protection with insurances and lifting the financial literacy, capability and wellness of our membership. The key to success in these areas is the ability of Super-Advice to frame the conversation in a way that our members understand.

Negotiation Specialist
E Tū Union

Super Advice have catered bespoke and specialized insurance and financial wellness packages for our team that have provided real value, security and financial well-being. I would highly recommend reaching out to Jeremy and the team to see what solutions could be provided to your respective businesses. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Gareth Pert
Tranzliquid Logistics Ltd

Employee Testimonials

I wanted to express our heartfelt appreciation for your invaluable support in managing our household finances. We are genuinely thrilled because having a concrete plan in place has already relieved some of the financial burden, and it has instilled a sense of optimism for the future. We eagerly anticipate embarking on this journey towards financial freedom and are genuinely grateful for your guidance.

Construction Employee’s wife

I showed the misses and both of us are in a bit of disbelief that we can save something like that, but we’re both on to make it happen.

Transport Employee

Where have you been all my life? lol - Can my missus talk to you?

Construction Employee
I just spoke to XXXX XXXX from XXX.  Jeremy - you inspired the shit out of him! After your talk he went home and worked out how much he was spending a week on lunches.... hasn't bought lunch since. He's making a debt snowball plan as his car is going to be paid of in 3 weeks and how best he can reallocate that payment in his budget.
Construction Employee
Called 0800 number to give feedback.