4 things holding you back from financial freedom

At Super-Advice we are about all things financial, but more importantly, helping people understand so they can get ahead financially.

In today’s blog post we share with you four things holding you back from financial freedom.

The blame game

It’s my mother’s fault. It’s the government’s fault. It’s my boss’s fault. It’s my partner’s fault. If you are blaming something or someone else for a situation it gives you permission to do nothing about it because it’s not your fault. So by removing the instinct to blame other issues or situations or people, it will go a long way toward you taking responsibility for a situation and then taking the steps necessary to change it.


Fear of missing out or previously probably known as keeping up with the Joneses, which is another way that we look at it. We see too many people spending more money than they make to keep up with the Jones.

An example would be buying a house that keeps them broke because the payments are so steep or buying a car, that’s keeping them broke because they can’t afford the repayments. Well, they can, but it means that there’s nothing left over. People going on holidays using credit cards or personal loans to pay for it, so that they can have some photos and share a fake image or perception of themselves.

Often you’re trying to maybe impress people that you don’t even like anyway, you just want to keep up with them. It’s like a race. FOMO or keeping up with the Jones is a huge issue holding people back.

Physical Wellbeing

Life is easier if you are stronger, that is just the truth. And if you eat well and can keep your body moving, you’ll be releasing more endorphins, which is the body’s feel-good chemical.

It makes it easier to make positive decisions and positive changes in your life. Physical well-being is the foundation for overall well-being, and mental health, definitely, and financial wellness will slot in there too.


We’ve got a lot of proof that excessive use of substances, main things like alcohol, tobacco illegal substances. They will have an overall negative effect on your life. We’ve all derailed our wellness through excessive use of alcohol. It’s everywhere, right?

It’s completely ingrained in Western society. Definitely in New Zealand and Australia. Take a look at all the things that involve alcohol.

You’ve got: Work drinks, Friday night drinks, Wednesday night drinks. You’ve got sports drinks, and barbecue drinks. You’ve got, “I didn’t get the job” drinks. You’ve got wedding drinks. You’ve got, “I’ve had a baby” drinks, everything really.

It’s really well entrenched and if you can pull back on that you will notice some real changes. It’ll be a real, real positive thing.

So these are the four things the blame game, fear of missing out physically fit, and substances have a look at those and you make some positive changes and step towards financial freedom.

That’s a wrap

At Super- Advice, we offer a financial wellness program, reach out and get in contact with us and we will be happy to talk to you about it.

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