Don’t go broke trying to look rich

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Don’t go broke. Trying to look rich. It is a common thing that we see people believe that if they look rich, they feel better. But don’t be fooled. All you are doing is screwing up future opportunities. Don’t go broke, trying to look rich.

In today’s blog post, we share with you five ways to stop that from happening.

Create a budget

It’s really simple. You could probably wrap it up in about 10 minutes, maybe even five. All you need to know is: Income and expenses, make sure the expenses are less than the income. Make sure that you’ve got some money left over. That is the trick, that is the foundation of absolutely everything we teach! So sort the budget out.

Use cash

Switch to cash payments for your daily expenses for your coffees for your beers with a mate and for all your daily stuff. Switch to cash. You’ll be more conscious of what you are spending because you’ll see it in your wallet. You’ll see it shrink in your wallet. Leave the cards at home.

Use cash. When you do your budget, Allocate cash as an expense. That’s your spending money. The rest of the bills are all automated in your budget, but use cash for daily spending.

Wait before making purchases

Wait before making purchases

Try and resist the urge to act quickly, ponder, think, let it roll around in your head for a while. Do you really need what you wanna spend your money on?

Because if it’s something to help you look richer than you are, I can tell you now, except reality, you’re not rich and don’t buy it.

Avoid temptations

Do everything in your power to avoid temptations.
Once you get good at avoiding temptations. Once you make this into a habit. It will become a routine and something that we always say here is “routine is freedom”. Avoid visiting shops or the malls. Avoid shopping online. Get rid of the apps. Don’t be tempted to spend money unnecessarily.

Make food at home. Do a grocery shop to a list. Don’t browse. Don’t window shop. Avoid temptations. It will be super helpful for you and your mission to obtain financial FREEDOM.

The best one of all is: Don’t go broke trying to look rich using CREDIT.

Stop using credit cards. Stop using personal loans. Stop doing Buy Now Pay Later. Don’t get a pay rise and allocate that new bit of money to a debt payment.

Stop living outside your means by using credit to buy things. That is the number one trick. Have no debt at all – except a mortgage or a small vehicle loan.

No debt at all is the absolute trick.

That’s a wrap

So what do you think? Has this helped?

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