Government Financial Support for Struggling Kiwis

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In New Zealand there are several government support options available for individuals and families who are struggling financially. Here is a general overview of some of the key support systems.

Work and income benefits or WINZ

This is a part of the Ministry of Social Development and they offer various types of financial assistance such as:

job seeker support – for those who are looking for work or unable to work due to a health condition, an injury or a disability.

Accommodation supplement

This is a weekly payment to help with your rent, board, or the cost of owning a home.

Temporary additional support

This is a short term supplement for people who have essential living costs that they cannot meet from their income.

Child Care Assistance

Financial help is available for families with children to help pay for early childhood education and care.

Hardship Assistance

This includes special grants for immediate needs like food, medicine or utilities.

Community Services Card

This can reduce the cost of healthcare, including prescriptions, doctor visits, and emergency dental care.

Student support

There are various loans and allowances available for tertiary students.


For individuals aged 65 and older, New Zealand superannuation provides regular payments.

It’s important to note that eligibility for these supports often depends on personal circumstances, such as income, assets, expenses, family status, and whether or not you’re working. The Ministry of Social Development’s website provides detailed information and can guide you on how to apply for these benefits.

That’s a wrap

For the most accurate and personalized advice, contacting Work and Income New Zealand or visiting their website is recommended. They can provide specific information based on individual circumstances.

If you need any financial help or advice please get in touch with us at Super-Advice.

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