How do people become millionaires?

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In today’s blog post we share with you a very interesting study about the common factor between millionaires and tips on how you can achieve financial freedom.

Recent study

We recently reviewed a study undertaken in the United States and 10,000 millionaires were interviewed and asked a set of questions.

What the researchers were looking for is, what are the common traits that these people displayed?
What were the common routines and habits? What did these people do to become millionaires?

Millionaire vs Millionaire

People often get confused, when we are talking about millionaires, I do not mean Jeff Bezos, a hundred billion dollars in the bank guy. I’m talking about someone who has a net worth of over a million dollars, and it’s not that difficult to achieve, but once you have achieved it you have financial freedom and that’s what we want to teach.

All of these millionaires were asked, did you think from when you were a young person, did you think you were going to be a millionaire?

98% answered. Not only yes, but oh, absolutely Yes!!!

That’s intentionality. No one wins by accident.

What is Intentionality?

The greatest All Black captain in the world, let’s say Richie McCaw. He isn’t the best rugby captain in the world by mistake.

He doesn’t get interviewed after he wins, “oh how does it feel? How did you get here?”
“Oh, I don’t know. I just fell outta the car and we are here.”

No, there was intentionality.

He set goals, had dreams and followed them, set routines, and made sure he worked with the right people.

All these things we teach about achieving financial freedom are about setting clear goals, knowing what you wanna achieve, and having intentionality. That’s all it is…… be intentional!

Henry Ford said, if you can, or you can’t, you are right.

If you think you can and you really believe you, can you will! If you don’t think you can, oh, I will never be able to do that. You won’t!

Intentionality is key.

Steps to Intentionality

Have the intention to be good with money.
Have the intention to save it and not spend it.
Be intentional to then invest it, so it grows.
Be intentional to make sure you’ve protected yourself with insurance.

That’s a wrap

So what do you think? We think if you are more intentional and focused you can achieve anything.

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