How to shop like a boss and save cash

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The concept of shopping like a boss might seem a bit funny, but if you commit to following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to shopping the smart way and saving money at the same time. Before long, the discounts will be adding up and so will your savings!

In today’s blog post we give you some tips and tricks on how you can best save money when you are shopping.

Know your budget

It’s important that you know your budget before you start shopping. Figure out what you can and can’t spend, and then stick to it. If you see an item that you really like but is way over your budget, put it in the back of your mind so you can refer back to it later on when you’re looking for something else.

Make a list

The best way to save money when shopping is by buying the essential items you need at the best price. When you find something that meets your needs, take note of its features.

If you have a list of exactly what you are looking for, you are more likely to stick to it.

Do your research

Research the best models and specs you need and where you can get them. If you know what you want, it will be easier to find the best deal. If you don’t know what type of device or computer you need, start by researching the features that are important to your needs and then compare different models.

Compare prices

One of the best ways to save money is by comparing prices. Shop on price comparison sites. You might not always be able to find the items that you want on sale, but you can get them for cheaper by shopping on price comparison websites like PriceSpy or Google Shopping.

Check for sales and discounts

Sales and discounts are the best way to save money shopping. If you’re in need of new clothes, shoes or appliances then make sure you check for sales and discounts before buying.

Shop at the right time

Wait for sales like Black Friday, Christmas, and Easter: When you buy during these times, the stores can’t afford not to have sales. They’re trying to make room for new inventory. These are great times to stock up on.

Join loyalty programs

One way you can save money is by joining loyalty programs. A lot of stores and restaurants have rewards programs, like Flybuys or Airports but it’s up to you whether or not they’re worth the time and effort. If they are, sign up!

Get Cashback

One way to save money on big-ticket items is by getting cash back. When you buy things like appliances, furniture, or electronics, some stores offer cash back or coupons in the form of a percentage or dollar amount. The store might offer you 10% off your purchase of $500 if you use the store’s credit card. It might also give you an additional 10% off that $500 purchase if you open up a new account with the store.

Price Matching and Negotiating

If you find an appliance at a store for $500 but at another store for $50 less, try negotiating with the salesperson. You might be able to get them to match the price and then you can buy it right there.

The same goes for price matching too. If you find an item online that is cheaper elsewhere, take screenshots of both and ask the store if they will price match it.

That’s a wrap

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