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Today we are sharing with you some testimonials and comments that we have had come through. Read what people had to say.


“A friend of mine is fighting cancer and is trying to come up with $80K to fund a non-pharmac drug. I need medical cover that would cover that because I don’t ever want that to be me or my family”.

“I’ve had six friends die in the last 24 months and have seen every one of their families struggle to come up with the money to pay for their funerals. I don’t want my kids to be in that position”.


Super-Advice is a great asset to work with in providing protection with insurances and lifting the financial literacy, capability, and wellness of our membership. The key to success in these areas is the ability of Super-Advice to frame the conversation in a way that our members understand.

Joe Gallagher
E Tū Union Negotiation Specialist

Firstly I would to thank my employer TranzLiquid Logistics for putting in place the opportunity to be part of the Super Advice scheme – just another one of the amazing ways they look after their staff.

My dealings with Super Advice I cannot fault. The team and the service they provide is outstanding and exceeded my expectations.

Warren (Wozza) Clark
Tranzliquid Logistics Ltd

R J Doughty Ltd is pleased to endorse Super-Advice NZ as a key component of R J Doughty’s attraction and retention program. This has proved very valuable in showing our staff that we care about the well-being of our team outside of the workplace. Super-Advice go the extra mile and help us to deliver on being an employer of choice.

Steve Doughty
Managing Director | R J Doughty Ltd

The packages arranged by Super-Advice have cemented with our valued operators that we are a forward-thinking employer that has a genuine interest in looking out for our team.

Gareth Pert
General Manager | Tranzliquid Logistics Ltd.

Jeremy and the Super-Advice team worked with our members to provide ideas and strategies pertaining to the attraction and retention of employees, and we have received nothing but positive feedback. We have no hesitation in recommending our Premium Partners Super-Advice.

David Aitken
CEO | National Road Carriers Association

Without Super-Advices Services we doubt whether the funds would have been transferred and would not hesitate to recommend them to any person wanting to transfer funds back to New Zealand.

Anthony and Eileen Guthrie
Super Transfer (TTP) Client

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