What is a Bull and Bear market?

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In today’s blog post we share with you the difference between a Bull and Bear market.

Bull Market Vs Bear Market

You may hear two terms being thrown around on the news, in financial publications, or on social media which are, Bull market and Bear market.

Financial jargon can be intimidating so in today’s article we are keeping it super simple and we’ll explain Bull and Bear markets, and how they got their names.

Bull Market Vs Bear Market
To put it simply, a Bull market is a market that is trending upward and a Bear market is a market that is trending downward.

How did they get their names?

They got their names because when a bull attacks with its horns it attacks from a low starting position and flicks upward.

So the upward attack is representative of the market trending upwards.

A Bull market is a good thing.

A Bear market is a downward trending market.

The reason it’s got that name as a Bear market is if you imagine a big bear claw striking in a downward motion, that represents the market going down.

That’s a wrap

So what do you think? Have you learned the lingo?

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